So, what is a Dosa Chip?

Dosa Chips are an irresistible and satisfying snack with phenomenal crunch and a bit of salt. Our chips are made by hand in small batches using only four ingredients. The naturally fermented batter creates Dosa Chips’ distinctive flavor and their fabulous crunch.

Dosa Chips are cooked in antioxidant-rich rice bran oil. Our hand-made approach and slow fermentation process means that it takes over 2 days to create this exceptional chip.

Dosa Chips are delicious by themselves and pair well with cheese, hummus, salsas and dips. Try them in soups and salads to add crunch as a delicious alternative to croutons. We think that you will love them.



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As Dosa Chips are a food product, we do not allow returns even if the package is unopened.